This initiative come as a response to unleash dreams of many of those who have given up because of everyday life burdens, some social and other financial, or simply because they believe that a dream is something to remain within the reach of the never land and out of reality's reach.

Nothing can be compared to the joys of students who reach graduation at times where they thought that this moment was never meant to become a part of their Journey, a living dream which Marie Jo, an engineering student at the American University of Beirut is living.

The Givanas Charitable Foundation has long been engaged in funding university and school students. Its donations came under its business group: Givanas Nigeria Limited. Becoming partners in the process of educating students is rewarding, seeing firsthand how the amazing dedication of the students attending either schools or universities blossoms into excellent academic achievements and therefore promising futures and thus has become the case of a promising young student who finalized hid PHD in Physics.

Besides the dreams that the foundation execute, each year, Givanas group of companies asks from all its employees to write their dream on a paper and when the draw takes place, the Givanas foundation help turning this dream into reality



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