The Givanas Charitable Foundation is a private, non-profit, non-partisan,
and non-governmental organization incorporated in 2008. The Foundation is
affiliated to Givanas Nigeria Limited , Lagos, Nigeria.

 Built on the belief that the inevitable path to a successful society is held within the acquired and innate achievements of each of its citizens, the Givanas
Charitable Foundation devotes its philanthropic activities to bettering the Health, Economic and Education aspect of the less privileged. Hereafter,
becoming a partner in the process of unleashing the potentials of grassroots communities and incite their members to become efficiently active within their societies.
  Givanas' humane activities are reflected in its foundation's willingness to
globally disseminate and alleviate every aspect of human life, from all walks of life in less privileged areas via an attempt to, among others; Engage in the collaboration process of bettering the health and economical aspect of the less privileged, spread knowledge about reconciliation processes, peace initiatives, conflict resolution, dialogue and human intervention processes, promote human rights and enhance understanding among different cultures, with an utmost emphasis in providing access to education for the less privileged regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender.

In an attempt to achieve its mission, the Givanas Charitable Foundation will be engaged in the following activities:

  • Launch various initiatives and programs to uphold philanthropic activities through the provision of basic needs, water, food and shelter to the less privileged,
  • Raise and allocate funds for sponsoring and adopting less privileged students for the purpose of their education in an attempt to incite them to commit to excellence, and become partners in building their future,
  • Support and recommend educational institutions and organizations to engage in peace initiatives and conflict resolution programs,
  • Plan programs and initiative promoting and enhancing human rights understanding.

Samir R. Ajami, Givanas Group

Managing Director and Chief Executive of Givanas Group, Samir Ajami is an articulate and aggressive seasoned business expert. Has over Fifteen years of experience in the management and marketing of general products. He is an expatriate with European and American background.

Alh. Saad Belgore, Consultancy Outfit

Chairman of Givanas Group Board, Managing Director of a Consultancy Group, director and shareholder of other industries, and mechanical engineer by profession; Belgore worked in the downstream oil industry, first with the National Oil & Chemical Marketing Company Ltd (NOLCHEM) as the Area Sales Engineer (North) and later with Tropical Petroleum Products Plc where he occupied the position of Managing Director for 10 years.

Ali Kandil, Givanas Group

Operation Manager of Givanas Group, Ali is a young and well experienced manager in formulating sales and marketing policies. Ali has acquired international experience in the field of his studies. He holds a degree in Marketing.

George Oguntade,

Givanas group Lawyer, George Oguntade, attended the University of Southampton, Highgate Southampton, England and obtained his LL.B Degree in Law. He is specialized in general Commercial Litigation, Insurance and Banking claims and Intellectual Property. In April 2010, he was conferred with the rank of "Senior Advocate of Nigeria" [SAN] by the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the development of law in Nigeria

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